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    The West Lake in HangZhou

    Come from:lixi 2013-06-28 15:07

           Good morning everyone, I’m very glad to have the chance to introduce one of my favorite places to you. Comes in front of Hangzhou, you certainly had heard "on has the heaven, down has Suzhou and Hangzhou" this famous saying! The famous West Lake is like a brilliant pearl embedded in the beautiful and fertile shores of the East China Sea near the mouth of the Hangzhou Bay. The lake covers an area of 5.6 square kilometers. The view of the West Lake is simply enchanting, which offers many attractions for tourists at home and abroad. I hope all of you will appreciate this famous place.     First, I’d like to introduce the famous Ten Scenes to you.

            1.  Spring Dawn on the Su Causeway      (苏堤春晓)   It is a thin trip of land nearly three kilometers covered with peach and weeping willow trees. In spring, with the lakeside sparkling in the morning dew, birds cheerfully chirping among swaying willow branches, the scent of peach blossoms wafting through the air, you will ask whether you are in the midst of paradise. 

             2.  Orioles Singing in the Willows          (柳浪闻莺)   An imperial garden built in the southern song dynasty. Now the once-imperial garden has been turned into a park open to public. Featuring green willows and singing orioles, there are lawns, pavilions, and bridges that are very impressive, as well. 

              3.  Viewing Fish at Flower Pond            (花港观鱼)   Flowers pond park occupies an area of twenty-one hectares on a peninsula in the southwest corner of the lake. In its heart is the red fish pond, where people can relax to the sight of brightly colorful fish swimming around and to the brisk melody of chirpy birdsong. To stay with nature is a highly enjoyable experience. 

              4.  Winery Yard and Lotus Pool  /Breeze-ruffled lotus at Quyuan garden     (曲苑风荷)   This typical west lake scene has earned its fame since Song dynasty, when the lakeside area with an abundant growth of lotus off its shores was known as Crooked Courtyard., and was a location of a brewery. People said the smell of the lotus flowers and wine blended by the cool lake breezes was intoxicating. There are plenty of lotus plants still bloom off its shores. They stand gracefully erect in the lake, as if they know they has visitors coming to admire their beauty.

              5.  Evening Bell Ringing at the Nanping Hill (南屏晚钟)   Nanping mountain streches along the southern bank of the lake. At dusk, with the sun slowly drifting into the lake on the west, a huge bell at Jingxi temple, will ring its farewell to the last sunbeam of the day with the prolonged bell sound reverberating across the lake the peaceful and scared air offers you a perfect occasion for meditation. 

             6.  Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake       (平湖秋月)   At the western end of Bai Causeway is located a lakeside park which houses a stone tablet bearing the etched calligraphy of Emperor Kangxi of the Qing Dynasty, which reads: "Autumn Moon on Calm Lake". The lake is a special place to appreciate the moon and the effect of moonlight on the land. The moon seems especially bright over the waters. The hills look purplish bathed in the moonlight. The best time for nighttime viewing is on Mid-Autumn Day. 

            7.  Leifeng Pagoda in Evening Glow         (雷峰夕照)   Leifeng pagoda is another renowned scenic spot in hangzhou, Originally built in the 10th century. Leifeng pagoda used to stand in front of Jingxi temple on nanping mountain, though failed to stand the test of time, the pagoda collapsed in early1900s. In 2002, leifeng pagoda was reconstructed; then comes back the typical sunset Glow over leifeng pagoda. 

             8.  Three Pools Mirroring the Moon          (三潭印月)   "There are islands in the lake and three are lake on the islands." On the south side of the largest of the three manmade islands in the Outer Lake, there are three hollow stone pagodas rising from the water, each with five openings. The three stone towers were first built in Yuanyou 4th year (1089) of the Song Dynasty, with the wonderful scenery of "one moon in the sky having three reflection in the lake", it is one of the wonderful scenes of the West Lake. 

             9.  Lingering Snow on the Broken Bridge    (断桥残雪)   It is the most romantic scene of the ten mat-see. The stone arched broken bridge is where the character of a famous Chinese folktale Xu Xian and a beautiful girl, who is actually a white snake, first met and fell in love with each other. After a snowfall, when the snow on the more exposed side has melted, with the shade side remaining white, it looks as if a long white belt has been ripped apart on the thus earning the name” melting  snow on the broken bridge”.

             10. Twin Peaks Piercing the Clouds           (双峰插云)  Graze at the skies above the west lake, you will be rewarded with the sight of tow limestone mountains past the northern edge of the lake one to the northeast and one to the northwest, five kilometers apart. On a drizzling day spring or autumn, the tow peaks come and go amongst drifting rain clouds.                

             There are many other scenes to see. If you walk around the lake ,every where is a beautiful scens. The West Lake is like a shining pearl inlaid on the vast land of China, with beautiful scenery, a multitude of historical sites, brilliant cultural relics, and a profusion of native products. Legend has it that the West Lake was a heavenly jewel fallen to earth. Pragmatists insist that it is a mere lagoon on Hangzhou's western fringe. In any case, West Lake is both a great tourist attraction and a high inspiration for artistic creations.