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    Have fun in Shanghai Playa Maya Water Park!

    Come from:CITS 2013-09-10 16:18

    When the summer heat hits, there is no better way to cool off on a hot summer day than with a plunge down a water slide. Now the newly opened Playa Maya Water Park is coming in Shanghai and waiting for your visit in Sheshan National Tourist Resort, situated to the west of Shanghai City.  


    The Playa Maya Water Park is the largest open-air water park in East China. The park covers an area about 120,000 square meters, owning nearly 40 aquatic amusement facilities. Playa Maya Water Park houses some of the world's top aquatic amusement facilities to create a cool fun oasis for visitors. Water sanitation system of Playa Maya Water Park recycles and sanitizes about 21,000 cubic meters of water every four to six hours, providing a safe and clean water park for tourists.  


    One of hottest water rides is Caribbean Beach - a nearly 20,000 square meters pool that produces waves as high as 3.5 meters (said to be the world's highest man-made waves). The Big Octopus Slide, with eight rainbow-colored water slides stretching down from a 17.6-meter-tall tower, is sure to make you scream when dashing down to the pool with a high speed. The Bumble Bee, a double-track roller coaster will swoop visitors above water four times. At the Giant Beast Bowl, visitors could swirl in water and slide for 123 meters before arriving at the bottom of the bowl.

    However, parents who come with your children should read carefully the notice of the rides before coming in since most of the exciting facilities are only suitable for visitors taller than 1.3 meter and weigh no more than 90 kilograms.


    In addition to the excited water rides, the park also offers cultural performances with special stage technology to visitors, such as a laser water curtain and wave making. Tourists could enjoy a fascinating water show after taking plunges down from the water slides.


    Playa Maya is the sister park of Shanghai Happy Valley. The park opens from May to mid-September each year. The ticket price for the water park is 150 Yuan on weekdays and 180 Yuan on weekends. Visitors can get a package deal for both parks: 300 Yuan for working days and 330 Yuan for weekends.

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